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LIFE COACHING to Get unstuck, Move Forward & Transform Your Life Individual and Groups


Relationships | Careers | Family| Money​ | Balance Communication | Life Transitions 

Change is the one thing we can count on; learning to adapt to and master the many life transitions we experience is invaluable to our happiness and wellbeing.  J.Ramstedt 


Most humans like predictability; which may sound on the surface boring, but is essential to our happiness and joy. The human brain craves certainty to survive; food, shelter, love/connections, safety are essential needs. When we are in a transition, fear and uncertainty of the unknown  causes us to make decisions using the lower survival-oriented part of our brains.  This places us in direct conflict with a creative process which accesses the skills | thinking | behaviors needed to successfully move forward with confidence and ease.

Coaching in its elegance, elevates us to new plateaus and into a future that is rich with rewards, purpose and a magnificent vision for our future.

This special relationship cleans up the sticky parts of our lives where we feel trapped and gives us fresh ideas and perspective from where to make important decisions. 

As a self-described lifelong learner I am curious about how people make lasting change. I started the journey years ago to find out how. What I found is that people had few places where they could release the stress of striving and self judgment and get into their creative voice. 


From this research,  I created a fully integrated approach to life transitions that includes, Expressive Arts, Positive Psychology, Somatic (mind/body) and Professional Coaching using the ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards of excellence.  These modalities in combination, engage the senses and inspire long term and permanent changes in people. 


What you will take away from our work together.

1.A deep understanding of your authentic self (who you are on the inside) and how to express yourself in all areas of life with confidence.  

2. Intuitive listening skills, when and how to trust yourself above all outside influences; become your own authority and tap your inner voice in powerful ways.

3. How to confront and neutralize fear and uncertainty  (most internal and external bullies are chicken when confronted) and transform the way you operate in the face of uncontrollable unknowns.

4. Transform your critical inner dialogue with a loving and supportive conversation that celebrates your potential and encourages inner recognition while you create a support structure that feeds you during the transition phase.

5. Inspiration and confidence to reach for positive opportunities that you previously thought unattainable.  

5. Creatively tap your inner resources and expand your range of possibilities.

6. Design a Life Map that gets your greatest ideas (or fears) out of your head and heart and into a meaningful form and aesthetic.

7. How to have deeply honest (not your run of the mill) discussion and receive support from others who are traveling their unique roads and are willing to share their journey.

Who is this program good for?


  • Those who have been spinning around with the same issues and want the madness to stop.

  • Those who miss the vision of the life they used to have and want to get back on track

  • Practitioners (therapists, coaches, educators) who are looking for some great tools to work with personally and introduce to their communities, take some time out and get their own support. 

  • Women and Men who are looking to have their hopes and dreams  nurtured and connect with others through my extensive collection of contacts who can add support and offer perspective. 

  • Professionals who need support, perspective, creativity and a safe container where they can refuel. 

  • Those curious about how to become more creative, interested in mind/body/somatic, neuroscience, and expressive arts. 


ITime to clean out the pockets of resistance keeping you stuck? 



"Joan brings a high level of compassion, integrity, and energy to her work as a heart centered coach. I'm particularly impressed with Joan's consistent work with women and women's groups over the years. Joan has a natural and easy way of connecting with people she comes in contact with. She knows how to put people at ease and that's a great first step for creating an awesome working relationship."  Victoria Schlict, MFT 

“For "full" emotional communication, one person needs to allow his state of mind to be influenced by that of the other.”
Daniel J. Siegel, The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are

Have you painted yourself into a corner with limited thinking?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Albert Einstein

"Everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on." - Alan Cohen


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