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Your work life is where you spend a significant amount of time. To make your time investment fulfilling, is an important element to a satisfying and robust life. We all discover at times a need to re-focus, align or re-balance our careers to reflect who we are or have grown in to. Career dynamics are always challenging and at times we are uncertain where to start. 

Do the following situations sound familiar? 


  • The labor market is a confusing puzzle and you are uncertain where to start. After years with your head down doing great work, circumstances have changed and you need knowledge, power, direction, and self-awareness  in order to move forward with confidence. It' time to learn how to develop and engage with a network, gather a support team and design a strategy that dances with "your market."

  • You had several interviews ( or can't seem to get one) and are not getting offers or to a final interview. Your frustration level is high and your patience is running thin.  Your normal confidence has taken a hit leaving you wondering what you're doing wrong and how to fix it.  You need help understanding how to empower yourself during the interview, feel confident and get the job! 

  • You have been recently promoted which requires new leadership abilities, unedited time to explore how to stand in your power and integrate wisdom, knowledge and skills into your new role.    

  • You have longed to start your own business and express your entrepreneurial flare but need to develop a plan for how to make a living while you transition out of a traditional corporate role and express untapped natural creativity and talents. 

  • Work has been "crazy" for as long as you can remember and you long for a personal life that is healthy and whole. You want and need time to alter this pattern of behavior, re-evaluate yourself and learn how to balance life without compromising your integrity and performance.

  • You want to develop powerful communication or coaching skills with the goal of effectively building rapport and engagement with your organization, customers, clients or investors.  

  • You developed some habits along the way that are keeping you stuck in a endless cycle of self-defeating career moves. You know now is the time to change but you aren't certain where to start.


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Contact me for a consultation and we will collaborate on how best to take the next step in your career journey.  (949) 584-2491

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