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Fees and Services

There are numerous ways we can work together starting with a individual Discovery Session that surfaces questions and issues that call for examination and transformation.


Discovery Session - One Hour Session Value $200.00 (Complimentary)




Monthly engagements that compliment and includes a Deep Dive Session described below  based on the Fulfillment Coaching model, neuroscience practices, expressive arts and ICF coaching integrated to create the most robust learning experience for clients. 


Our work starts right where you are and focuses upon specific and unknown goals (ones you weren't aware of).  The process is fluid, supportive and taps into your strengths. From this experience we build a solid platform where you design and implement strategies that bring highly desirable results. If you are ready for change and it is time to get unstuck, this life enhancing process will inspire you to bring forward the best of yourself and share your gifts, talents and reservoirs of knowledge with the world. There's no need to linger with old patterns of behavior that have undermined you for years or step into the unknown world of professional or personal transition without the proper tools at hand. 

Deep Dive Session - 

A half day session that puts you at center stage and explores your Inner Spark  and cements your understanding of the Key Drivers, Motivators, Values, Purpose and Vision for the Future. This is a priceless investment if you're coming through any type of personal or professional transition that requires new skills, abilities, attitudes, confidence in combination with a value driven perspective. 


During this day you will:

  • Experience a profound sense of appreciation for the person you are and are becoming as we tap into your strengths and celebrate your unique values and contributions to your family, community, and the world. Develop a perspective and the courage to move forward during times of uncertainty. 


  • Receive an incredible set of tools that will expand your reach in areas such as Personal and Professional Branding | Negotiations | LinkedIn profiles | Social Media Profiles | Resume Development | Interview Skills  | Networking Ideas | Entrepreneurship and Business Strategies.

Coaching engagements start at $300.00 

We gladly accept credit cards through Venmo and personal checks  



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