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Enlightened Leaders

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs & their Teams? 

Authentic Leadership Qualities/Creativity/Robust & Fun Business Environment /The Power of Positive Acknowledgement / Team Building/Higher Purpose Leadership Strengths

We draw on situations you face, today, to develop flexibility and motivational qualitites you can put to use right away.

What We Do and What You Will Learn:


  • How to fully embody your roles, keeping you grounded in the big picture – on the long-term strategy and vision – How to Keep It Light

  • How being true to yourself and your highest values and vision for the future, releasing and re-directing the energy from short term firefighting or the myriad of management challenges that can squander time and cause diversion into a powerful force that moves the agenda.

  • How to gently face the tough truths you may have been aware of for years, and gently support your transition into a more powerful and enlightened perspective.  

  • Interpersonal skills, and leadership models that reflect your natural skills, abilities and talents. We focus upon what is already working and build from there.

  • How to find your way through politics, power, and resistance to change (yours and others) with greater agility and grace.

  • Skills to move through drama and chaos with a sense of serenity and confidence.

Photo by Kurt Wentland

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Work Life Balance

  • Enlightened Perspective

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Adapting into "Heart Centered"  & Alternative Roles

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