Generate an Inner Spark - Create Meaning

In each of us, dwells an "inner spark", when ignited liberates a flow of energy so compelling we endlessly seek the experience and yearn for more. This spark appears in a myriad of ways |  The quiet moments of a deeply creative process  | When appreciating the awe of nature and all its mystery | Re-experiencing a previously lost talent. These type of experiences  fan our inner flame. We love this feeling in ourselves and admire it in others. Charismatic leaders, scientists, artists, authors, actors, dancers, musicians, innovators, people in love, joyful and adored children, and entrepreneurs personify this energy and the world takes notice.

We frequently search outside ourselves to access experiences that we believe generate "The Spark", but our true quest begins within, as  Our Inner Spark offers us the best potential to experience happiness and fulfillment in both our personal and professional lives. 

How important is this energy?

  •  It fuels your ability to effectively engage with others and have meaningful and successful relationships both personally and professionally.

  • It is the foundation to all professional endeavors. It is the inner place where we discover our niche and how best to express our natural gifts, talents and abilities

  • It supplies the source and seeds for innovation, and creativity that stimulate growth.

Who benefits?

  • Individuals who are in Career Transition and need expert guidance on all types of Interview Styles & Skills | Resume Design & Development | profiles | Navigating Networking |  Work Life Balance | Confidence | Personal Empowerment.

  • How to internalize and project a compelling strength, presence and confidence in their decision-making, creativity and while engaging with others. 

  • Those who continue to miss opportunities because they can't express themselves in a compelling way and find "their story".  

  • Professionals seeking to strengthen connections with their clients, patients, employees, employers.

  • Entrepreneurs interested in building a business or practice based on a firm foundation that represents their highest calling where  ideas and goals can thrive. 

  • Individuals who are curious about how to move their MOJO to the next level and break through ancient patterns of behavior that no longer serve them or others. 

  • High Achieving Women who need specialized support to achieve their personal and professional goals to do work "they love and give back to the world"  



You have been through one or more  major life transitions and discovered that who you have been doesn't fit your newly evolving self.

How to get started is puzzling and confusing because your old life  strategies don't work and feel downright foreign and limiting.

You know instinctively that something deep within is in the process of changing; morphing into the new you.

You negotiate back and forth between your old and new self; there are strong emotions, resistance and anxiety in your heart; tension is lodged in your physical body.


The time has come for a new perspective.


Are you ready to get started?



At the Crossroads You Must Choose. Request a discovery session to explore your calling at the crossroads.

Joan Ramstedt, PCC, CLC

Master Coach 

If you want to seek for something that is unattainable, it is like a mother hen and her baby chick.

The chick taps its shell from the inside at the same time that the hen taps the shell from the outside. Bwaak! The baby chick is born.





First you have to tap your shell from the inside.

And then someone, or something, taps your shell from the outside.

This is a very real way of practice, a very real way of touching truth and realizing your own nature.


Each Moment is the Universe by Zen Master Dainin Katagiri,


When I came to Joan, I was desperate for change and didn't know how to even start to make my life better. She is the most amazing women; she was insightful and helped me see my life in a more creative way. She guided me and truly cares. I recommend her for anyone who wants to grow personally either, in love, in life, or a career. She helped me in all these areas. She is one of the best decisions I have made in my life and know that she is there, which is rare now days. Thank you Joan for all you loving support through the years  


Pam Black, Healthcare Sales and Entrepreneur


You were instrumental in empowering me to get UNSTUCK and come up with a MAJOR life choice—one that will TOTALLY change the course of my life...


Our session provided a rapid shift in the way I think on GOAL setting, which has prepared me for joyous experiences in life rather than existing.


I breathe deeper, my energy is slowly returning;  I am DEFINITELY on the right path! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Vidya Ganesh, MBA


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Working with Joan proved to be an important asset to my success. Joan created the space for me to problem solve, plan, organize, and dream my future.


She helped me break down my ideas, dreams and goals into objectives that are not only reachable, but exactly match my personal skills.


All along the way she gave me feedback that kept the ball in my court and fueled me to reach farther.


I am thankful for her help in planning and managing my transition to a new and exciting future.


Lana Hester, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust

 I am pleased to recommend Joan for her dedication to providing guidance to those who wish to integrate their talents, skills, personality and desires to make successful personal and professional transitions. Joan is caring, perceptive, insightful, and ever-mindful of the uniqueness of each individual, and is clearly as committed to her own growth as she is to those with whom she works.


Pamela Tweed, Trident University International